Assalamualaikum . ABCD bloodtype.October 4th,2000,Malaysian I proud become a Muslim, and i love ice cream very much. I proud become a crazy Exotic, V.I.P and huge fan of Prophet Muhammad.One of PBS victims. ^-^ ( more..? )



My Bestfriend is just not three but 6!.
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Assalamualaikum.This should be fast post! Kay first this is fact but no one know bout it.People judge the book from the skin!(betul ke ni) Please..they always think that Batrisya,Alisha and Auni just a side friend mean like when I got mad at Sarah and Difah, I friend with them.. But for me it's not like that at all. They were always same in my heart.Forever!Love them all.But sometime when I in badmood I just can't control it.Hahahahhaha.Okay should I go back to Malay?Kay I will or would.Serious, in my heart they always at the same place.I really hope they know about it!Please understand me!Someone!I put you 5 always in my heart at tangga ke 5.Semua sekali! No more no less.But sometime when i tried to get more closer to Bat,Lisha and Auni they always get rid of me! They think what I tell Sarah about what they told me?! I'm not like that please understand me!I just want to you to understand me.Acececcecece ayat!

P/S.This is not lesbian post!

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