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Last Call Maybe...
Friday, 30 November 2012 @ 01:06 | Leave a comment?

Assalamualaikum, hihi hai! Lama tak update. Ualls rindu tak. Say uweek and let me snap it. Lol. Kk. What is last call ma.... Ok kan ada nadiah buka untk tempahan header haritukan? So this is might be the last chance la. Lol tahu nadiah buat x cantik but this is free. And Nadiah skang buka untuk theme yang tertentu je. Ok let's see what is the theme. K?

Theme Yang Pertama ialah

Anime Chibi
As you can see ramai blogger yang minat theme ni. Apa kata kita ikut je perkembangan or what we call it... Oh yes trend. ;)

Theme 2

Muslimah Chibi
Like what I said grab this chance!

Theme 3

Save Gaza! 
Ya, it's kinda muslimah,but there are Palestine flag. :)

Theme 4
Skecth Anime 
Hope you like it.Cuz it's kinda limited edition.Lol

Theme  5

Gif One 
 Maybe like it!

Last and most limited one!
 Harry Potter Anime
For all the fans of Harry Potter hope you like it!

Ok. That's all. All six! Grab it now! ;)


Take a note! : Ok le me and my friend have my first GA. Join it? Wait until tomorrow! See you there! 

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